Welcome to the Alaska Nanuuq Commission.
Please join us in:
"Conserving Nanuuq and
the Arctic Ecosystem for
present and future
generations of Arctic
Alaska Natives"
what we do
 In 2001 the ANC signed a co-management agreement with the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service with six scopes of work to include: 1) Commission Co-management
Operations, 2) US/Russia Treaty, 3) Contract for a Synthesis of Traditional
Knowledge of Polar Bear Cultural Values and Utilization practices in Alaska, 4)
North Slope Polar Bear Studies Plan, 5) Strategic Plan for the /Conservation,
Management, and Research of Alaska Polar Bear Populations, and 6) ANC
Conservation, Education, and Outreach.
Left to Right:  Charlie Brower, ANC Chair;  Charlie Johnson, ANC Executive Director;  Gennady Inankeuyas, ATMMHC Chair.
Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service image archives.
  The Alaska Nanuuq Commission (ANC) was formed
in 1994 to represent the villages in North and
Northwest Alaska on matters concerning the
conservation and sustainable subsistence use of
polar bear.  The tribal council of each member village
has passed a resolution to become a member and to
authorize the ANC to represent them on matters
concerning polar bear at regional and international