Goals and Objectives
what we do
The Alaska Nanuuq Commission represents polar bear hunting communities of Alaska to:

 Encourage and implement self-regulation of polar bear hunting and use by Alaska Natives
>Conduct ANC commission and executive committee meetings
>Meet with village councils and regional boards
>Disseminate information regarding self-regulation of polar
bear hunting.
>Develop enforcement capabilities

2.  Enter into co-management and other local and international
agreements with appropriate governmental, Native, or other
>Implement NSB/IGC polar bear conservation agreement
>Implement Alaska/Chukotka Native to Native Agreement
>Implement US/Russia polar bear agreement

3. Be involved in all phases of scientific, biological, and other research programs involving polar       
    bears and the Arctic ecosystem
>Collect traditional knowledge
>Include traditional ecological knowledge in decision making
>Develop research and management studies and priorities
>Participate in the joint US/Russia polar bear Commission
>Participate in the scientific advisory group to the joint US/Russia polar bear Commission

4.  Provide information and educational materials to the public, appropriate state and federal            
     agencies, and other interested parties
>Review and comment on proposed management or regulatory changes, e.g. CZMA, OCS,              
  EIS, Federal Register notices, and plans of cooperation with industry
>Develop and explain hunting regulations regarding methods, means, seasons or limits
Photo from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service image archive.