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Summer 2007 - Polar Bears in United
States are under Endangered Species
consideration for listing as threatened.  

October 24-25, 2006 - Ice Seal
Committee is planning a meeting in
Anchorage at the Hotel Captain Cook.

July, 2006 - Polar Bear Treaty between
U.S. and Russia given go ahead by U.S.

January 30-31, 2006-  Ice Seal
Committee met in Anchorage at the First
Alaskans Institute.  
what we do
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -
Alaska Region - Polar Bears
National Marine Fisheries Service -
Arctic Ice Seals
Alaska Native Science Commission
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Arctic Marine Mammals
Eskimo Walrus Commission
U.S. Marine Mammal Commission
Arctic Council
U.S. Minerals Management Service
Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas
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