University of Alaska - Southeast
Peard Bay 2005 - Alaska
Ringed Seal Project
Satellite Tagging - Skin (DNA) - Measurements - Hair - Aging (claw rings)
what we do
   This project looks to examine some aspects of ringed seal population dynamics including
annual movements, site fidelity, and population structure.  Under the leadership of the
University of Alaska Southeast
and the National Marine Mammal Lab, with primary funding
from the North Pacific Research Board, biologist and local subsistence users from Barrow,
Alaska trapped eleven ringed seals (natchiq) and two young bearded seals (uguururaaq)
during the months of April and May at Peard Bay and Pt. Barrow.
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 Using ingeniously designed live-capture nets rigged at the seals' breathing holes (aglu)
satellite and VHF tags were placed on the rear flippers; with additional samples taken from
skin and hair.  Ages were estimated by annular rings on front claws as well as
measurements taken for length, girth, and weight.  Photos were taken to visually identify
seals if recaptures occur in 2006 or beyond.    
 In recent years, Dr. Brendan Kelly and his team have
successfully captured and recaptured ringed seals at
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Continuing this particular type of
research at Peard Bay, which is about 200 miles west of
Prudhoe Bay, will hopefully provide new information
needed to understand ringed seal and bearded seal
Funded by: North Pacific Research Board, National Marine
Fisheries (NMML),
and the Alaska Nanuuq Commission
Lead Organizations:  University of Alaska Southeast and
National Marine Mammal Labratory (NMFS)

Partner Organizations: North Slope Borough Dept. of
Wildlife Management
and Alaska Nanuuq Commission
People Involved
UAS Project Leader:  Dr. Brendan Kelly
UAS Field Staff: John Moran, Stephanie Sell, Orianna Badajos, Lynn Waterhouse,
Alaska Nanuuq Commission Staff: Rex Snyder, Sherman Anderson
Special Thanks to Barrow Community Members:  Nate and Ida Olemanun (for use of their
Peard Bay cabin), Jimmy Jones Olemaun, Benjamin Nungasuk, Don Nungasuk, Juel
Thibedeau, George and Maggie Ahmaogak, and the staff of the NSB Wildlife Department.