Regions and Communities We Serve
     The Alaska Nanuuq Commission is currently represented by fifteen communities on the
western and northern coastline on matters concerning the conservation and sustainable
subsistence use of polar bear.  The tribal council of each member village has passed a
resolution to become a member and to authorize the ANC to represent them on matters
concerning polar bear at regional and international levels.   
what we do
1. Barrow:                 Charles D.N. Brower, Chair
2. Wainwright:          Enoch Oktollik, Vice Chair
3. Kotzebue:              Victor Karmun, Secretary
4. Nuiqsut:                Frank Long, Treasurer
5. Savoonga:            Truman Kava, Sgt. At Arms
6. Kaktovik:                Isaac Akootchook
7. Point Lay:              Amos Agnasagga
8. Point Hope:          Jakie Koonku
9. Brevig Mission:    Arthur Tocktoo
10. Shishmaref:       Edwin Weyiouanna
11. Gambell:            Gerald Soonagrook, Sr.
12.  King Island:      Vince Pikongnna
13. Wales:                Toby Anungazuk
14. Little Diomede: Parick F. Omaiak, Sr.
15. Kivalina:             Jerry Norton