Alaska Native Traditional Knowledge:
what we do
  In Provideniya, veteran hunter Nikolai
Grigorievich Kutylin of Novoe Chaplino
shares his knowledge with project
investigators.  Kutylin, and hunter Sergei
Rentyn, drove their dog team from Novoe
Chaplino to Provideniya to participate in the
project.  Kutylin has since passed away and
the project was fortunate to get some of his
vast traditional knowledge.       
Chukotka Native Traditional Knowledge:
   In 2004, a report documenting polar bear habitat use in Russia is scheduled to be translated into
English; it will be available from the Alaska Nanuuq Commission in Nome, Alaska. Contact Charlie
Johnson at 907-443-5044 for further information.
   From living in the Arctic environment, indigenous
people of the circumpolar north possess unique traditional
knowledge regarding polar bears, their habitat, and the
Arctic ecosystem. Past and ongoing efforts to document
traditional knowledge of polar bear habitat use and
integrate it with western science has and continues to
improve polar bear conservation and management. A
report entitled “Collection of Local Knowledge Regarding
Polar Bear Habitat Use In Alaska” is available by contacting
Susanne Miller at 1-800-362-5148. The report describes
TEK provided by Alaska polar bear hunters regarding polar bear denning and feeding
areas, and seasonal movements. This report is also available in Russian.
(narrative from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)